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The New England Seafood Company Restaurant & Fish Market specializes in the city’s best quality Retail Sales Seafood Chicago complemented with our carefully selected ingredients and expertly prepared finger foods and side dishes.

Whether you’re planning a small gathering or a large party, the outstanding selection of fresh Retail Sales Seafood Chicago has something for every fan of lobster, mussels, fish, clams, oysters and more!

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Retail Sales Seafood Chicago New England Seafood Company Illinois
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Chicago Seafood Store

The New England Seafood Company Restaurant & Fish Market at 3341 North Lincoln Avenue is the closest Chicago seafood lovers can get to the shores of the Atlantic.

It may be the big salt water tank that holds our live Maine lobsters (flown in daily from our facility in the Boston Harbor), the fresh ocean smell, our knowledgeable sales staff or the restaurant’s display case filled with a great selection of fresh fish that keep our customers coming back for more!

The staff at the New England Seafood Restaurant & Fish Market continues to refine our professional cooking procedures – it’s part of the reason we’re known to serve the best Retail Sales Seafood Chicago.

Stop by today to experience our friendly Lakeview neighborhood fish market and discover our assortment of seafood delights!


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To place your order with us for Retail Sales Seafood Chicago, call 773-985-1100 or submit your order by email at: [email protected]

Note that our seafood is transported from Boston directly to our fish market – to be sure that your order is available and ready for you, please let our staff know at least THREE DAYS in advance.

“The lobster roll melts in your mouth and the oysters are so fresh! Lobster bisque is so creamy and delicious!”

Martynka P.

“The clam chowder is one of the best I’ve had. Entrees were all excellent.”

Bill L.

“Great seafood and real east coast feel at reasonable prices! Staff is friendly and will answer any question you have”

Shelley W.

Family Owned & Operated

Growing up in New England, owner Jeff Mazza’s memories revolve heavily on family and food. These memories set Jeff on a journey least expected.
Following the traditional route of schooling led Jeff to work at a wall street trading firm located in the heart of Chicago. The windy city always lacked the piece of home he yearned for the most – great New England seafood. Identifying this void set Jeff on a path that would change his life forever.

While maintaining his 9-5 career, Jeff opened a wholesale seafood company that imported the freshest seafood directly from his father’s seafood processing plant in Boston. What started with one truck initially turned into a traditional New England seafood house and market reminiscent of those found back east.

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